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B.W. (Potomac Club)
I normally throw business cards away that I find in my mailbox. But for some reason, I decided to keep this particular one and give the agent a call, as I was planning to put my house on the market. I’m very happy that I did because the services Claudia provided as seller agent was exceptional. She went above and beyond to advertise my property and to get as many showings as possible. She was responsive to my phone calls and emails, making herself available throughout the entire process. It’s definitely a buyer’s market and I was competing with a lot of sellers in my community alone; that made Claudia have to work that much harder to get my home sold. But, she was patient and always seemed willing go to the end until she found the right buyer, which she did. I highly recommend Claudia. She was really great!

Silica, Woodbridge, VA
Claudia Nelson is the best real estate agent you can find, she is very professional smart and she has the best customer service. She is always available when we needed her. We are so happy that she is our agent.

Nathan, Dumfries, VA
Thank you so much Claudia! You stayed on point and kept me informed and up-to-date. I know it’s your job, but I feel you went above and beyond.

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